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Building a great work environment

As a responsible employer, Quadient prioritizes the well-being of its employees, encourages professional and personal development, and fosters a culture of collaboration.

We are committed to building a culture and environment where everyone can perform at their best. One where everyone is empowered to shape their future career paths. One global Quadient community, with EPIC - Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration and Community - competencies that reflect our shared EPIC values.

Health & safety

Well-being, Health and Safety

Well-being, health and safety of our employees are areas of concern addressed by the entire Company. Quadient provides its employees with safe, risk-free workplaces, and does not tolerate any form of harassment, intimidation, threat or violence. As part of its prevention program Quadient performs regular assessment of health and safety risks including psycho-social risks to improve its practices and working conditions. Training is also central to the program to raise the awareness of employees and an engagement and wellness survey enables the company to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the program.

A wellness and assistance program has been implemented to help employees deal with challenges and prepare them to be more effective and perform better at work and in life in general. Through this program, employees and their families can access practical information and advice on a broad range of topics, from financial advice to addiction.

csr work from anywhere

Embrace work in hybrid mode, with our "Work from Anywhere policy"

For several years now, the Company has offered employees the option of working remotely (teleworking) and adopting flexible work hours, as long as this remains compatible with the nature and purpose of their duties and complies with local laws.  Work from Anywhere is a modern working style at Quadient. Its supports people in ways that help them to do their best work together, wherever they are working from.

The main objectives are to:

  • Help employees to improve their efficiency, agility, and productivity,
  • Attract and retain top talent,
  • Ensure Quadient's office network is fit-for-purpose.

Smart Work

Quadient is committed to promote and sustained the well-being and mental and physical health of its employees through more connected, empowered, and resilient ways of working together.

Smart Work is a skills development program, which defines Quadient’s approach to flexible and agile work. It combines digital transformation with new ways of working and offers employees more choice in how they do their work. The main aim of this program is to lead change within Quadient’s internal community.

The Company provides employees with a toolkit containing self-study kits, exercises, and additional resources, that introduce the principles and ideas of flexible and agile work and help to improve employee overall well-being with the change to remote work from in the office. 

Inclusion & diversity program

At Quadient, we take our EPIC values seriously and we want to build a real community that reflects the positive and inclusive mindset we need to take us forward. Quadient is committed to bringing about a culture of inclusion: one where everyone is comfortable to be their true self at work, and feel safe and respected

In this policy, Quadient outlines its commitment to inclusion and diversity, as well as the responsibilities of each individual within the Company: employees, managers and Quadient. The policy also explains how the company intends to achieve its goal, based on a strong program with concrete actions and trainings. Finally, the policy outlines how the company intends to measure progress toward this goal: through questionnaires, diversity events such as employee's townhalls, charters and more.

Inclusion & Diversity policy

Empowered Communities

At Quadient, we're committed to bringing about a culture of inclusion. An important part of that is giving under-represented groups a voice.

There are 5 Empowered Communities in Quadient: Fearless Women, Love is Love, The Mosaic, DiverseABILITY and Act4Earth.

The project was designed to facilitate opportunities for development through education and knowledge sharing, raise awareness and celebrate uniqueness through events and partnerships, and regularly bring together small groups for support.

love is lovePromote an inclusive workplace for LGBT+ employees through maximizing the engagement, visibility, well-being, advancement, development and contributions of the LGBT+ community and allies at Quadient. Love is Love is inclusive of every member of the community.


fearless womenEmpower, strengthen, and encourage women to be inspired, to connect in a safe space where learning, sharing life experiences, being creative and passionate for the causes we care about that unite us.


Mosaic origins diversityCommitted to exploring ways in which we can expand our efforts towards eliminating biases to deliver change within our organization, in turn, play our part in combating racism across the world.

diversity disabilityFoster an attitude of inclusion, support colleagues with a disability, and promote greater equality throughout Quadient through education, awareness, and the sharing of lived experiences.

Act4EarthCreate an eco-friendly hands-on community that encourages the sustainable use of natural and renewable resources.
Actively promoting changes in daily habits, providing information and education on natural resources and environmental protection.

Learning and Development

At Quadient, we put learning and development in our people's hands. They can learn what they want, when they want, where they want and how they want. We’re passionate about empowering our people to be their very best, reach their goals and achieve their career aspirations.

Digital-based training and e-learning

Our training strategy

Our training strategy is built around five pillars:

  • Access to a global learning platform, providing self-directed learning opportunities for all our employees;
  • Focus on digital learning, providing a personalized learning experience and accessible anywhere and anytime;
  • Career and role skill paths, aligned to Quadient’s job catalogue and skill frameworks supporting career growth, internal mobility and cross skilling;
  • Leadership development, providing leadership programs and skill paths for all levels of leaders to develop an inclusive leadership culture, and support hybrid working;
  • Language and culture, supporting an inclusive culture with opportunities for language training; access to learning content in Quadient’s key languages (English, French, among others).

Careers at Quadient

You can find all you need to know about our people, and the opportunities we have to offer on our Careers website.

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